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Sean said:
Tuesday, 12 Jan 2016
The website is very informative! I look forward to recieving the newsletter
Rajendra Prasad said:
Tuesday, 29 Sep 2015
I found this site very informative and useful in terms of matters related to contract.
Brian said:
Thursday, 6 Aug 2015
Cheers and thanks for your great work!
Steve said:
Wednesday, 29 Jul 2015
Fantastic website with great content I enjoyed browsing your website to source information about Loan Notes.
Zeeshan said:
Saturday, 29 Nov 2014
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Ahmie Kathrina said:
Monday, 8 Sep 2014
I want to sex what the same sex marriage contract look like..thanks
Pepena said:
Monday, 7 Jul 2014
Although thîs site is new to me I have noted very împortant information which are useful to me to knôw ôn my areas of concerns..am fortunate that I have found what î have béen searching,.Thanks a lot .
Sarah said:
Sunday, 26 May 2013
Hi there, I would like to be kept abreast of matters pertaining to law especially contract. Many thanks
Estela said:
Friday, 29 Jun 2012
I would like to control the amount of newsletters that I wish to receive. Thank you.
Suresh said:
Thursday, 29 Dec 2011
I heard a very good review about your updates and new letters. Please keep doing it. Thanks
Gerry said:
Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011
Great website. Very helpful and usefull.
Prasanna said:
Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011
I happened to stumble on tis site and found it very educative and informative particularly to explain to students and practitioners legal concepts in simple words.
Laiq said:
Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011
Ur web is very useful. I am busy in drafting contracts and need ur expert assistance via e mail in this regard. Thanks
Biju said:
Friday, 26 Nov 2010
Great initiative, as a commercial contract lawyer I am interested.
Thursday, 18 Nov 2010
I want ask that you should help me cases on the remedies for the breach of contract. if possible today before evening thanks and anticipate your reply
Paul said:
Wednesday, 31 Mar 2010
An excellent laymans overview, with particular detail only when needed.
Murlee Manohar said:
Thursday, 25 Feb 2010
You are a great help to people working in the Legal field.
Michael said:
Sunday, 7 Feb 2010
Looks like a great site.
Ruth said:
Monday, 18 Jan 2010
Very good and informative site.
Mike said:
Monday, 19 Oct 2009
I've just 'stumbled' on your site and ended up fascinated by the clear explanations offered throughout. An excellent introduction to a range of important but, too frequently, overlooked topics.
Milena said:
Tuesday, 1 Sep 2009
This web site is very interesting, really, everybody need to read, in this way, we all know our rights, before we ended to be sorry to sign a contract with out know what we sign. Thank you.
Elena said:
Sunday, 19 Apr 2009
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Abdo said:
Saturday, 11 Apr 2009
Thanks for providing valuable info to those who are need like me. May Allah bless you